Welcome to the new INSIGHTS PAGE.  Many of the previous links found on this page contained topics that were written a long time ago. They have been removed to make room for more current issues. However, some articles are timeless and they will remain on the link table. 

Those who have frequented this page are aware that it is linked with Astradome.com - a website that deals with current social events. You probably are also aware that I have published several novels in the recent past - a venue that has proven to be financially rewarding.  (Explore the new link button - 'novels by Carol'). 

Astra Mate has published articles of interest on this website for many years at no expense to viewers.  While many enjoyed the articles, they neglected to show any support for my efforts as  their interest was limited to the 'free' information. They failed to request any of my services that required a fee.  I addressed these concerns in my recent letter attached to the link on the homepage. It is time for change. Topics of interest will now be available in either book or tape format.


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