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When I first decided to expand my website in early October of 1999 to include the new page titled "Insights", I thought of including the topic of Crop Circles.   Until this time, my knowledge on the subject was really limited.  I had seen some TV  programs debunking the credibility of the formations and I really did not pursue the subject.  I had not made up my mind one way or the other.  I just knew I was open to this phenomenon and would probably resume my interest at some later time.  I am a full time working gal and my time is sadly limited to pursue various areas of interest.  However, when I started my research for my page on the website, (sufficiently limited to the web at this point), I was truly amazed at the wealth of information and the numerous web sites addressing this fascinating topic.

I am now going to try to give you a brief account of what I have learned.  I am confident  that  you will find this information fascinating!


I am compelled  to bring to your attention an article written by Karen Douglas (who shares a website with  Steve Alexander).   She feels that there is a very strong link to the crop formation designs and the principles of Sacred Art.  Her own insights were triggered by a book she had read written by John Anthony West  titled Serpent In The Sky about the work of an obscure Egyptologist and mathematician - R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz who had come to view the ancient Egyptians in a whole new light.  He had discovered that they had an astonishing understanding of number and geometry - far in advance of anything that orthodox scholars have so far acknowledged.  Their use of numbers had been very different than ours.  They not only used numbers to quantify material things - but also used the interaction of numbers to explain the way in which the world worked. He had reached his insights through his meticulous surveillance of their temples and in his methodical and intuitive way, he had discovered the depth of their knowledge and their understanding of universal laws.  He then suggested that the Egyptians perceived numbers so well it enabled them to understood the relationship between numbers, vibration frequency and form.  This seemed to parallel the mystery of the crop circle formations as they too deal with shape, number and geometry . . . in particular:


Modern Science is constantly making new discoveries concerning the nature of "matter".  It is also beginning to explore the more complex relationship between vibration frequency and form.  If certain substances are vibrated in certain frequencies they begin to form patterns - geometric patterns.   Change the frequency of the vibration and the patterns created will change accordingly.  An illustration is found in Serpent In The Sky, whereby in scientific experiments, oil of turpentine floats on the surface of tanks filled with water. The tanks are then vibrated at certain frequencies in which the oil forms various geometric patterns.  It is a very simple experiment to prove the relationship between vibration frequency and form.  Under magnification, these patterns maintained the original shape and form having a direct correlation with "fractals" which are characteristic of the crop formations. 

Schaller de Lubicz studied the Great Temple at Luxor and discovered that the Temple was a representation, in stone, of the human anatomy.   Each part of the Temple corresponded to a plan of the human form and encoded in the geometry of its design, subtly played out on wall reliefs, was the sacred knowledge of the human condition - physiology, psychology, and spirituality.  Schwaller believed that the Egyptian Temple was specifically designed to resonate with the individual to raise his vibration  and inspire him to experience new spiritual heights.  

ball1.gif (5759 bytes) If we can then assume that all matter is really groups of particles vibrating at a certain frequency, (a current scientific theory) it is conceivable that we too, comprised of particles vibrating at a certain frequency, can be affected by other vibrating particles - positive or negative - depending on the interaction.  This idea resonates well with the crop circles.  They may be viewed as "temporary temples" for the modern age to give us a sense of the Sacred.  Being huge, geometric temples, they may be trying to inspire our psyche towards a higher sense of reality and awareness.  It is documented that many people feel compelled to enter into the formations, after which, they express feelings of peace and well-being.  Many of them have stated that their lives were profoundly changed in some capacity - psychologically or spiritually.  

ball1.gif (5759 bytes) Truly we are in awe of the magnificent  geometric formations of the crop circles and many of us have been intellectually and spiritually seduced to try and understand their mysterious appearances and purpose.  It would seem that we  have been given glimpses of something very awesome and sacred.  I do believe that many new  scientific discoveries will emerge when the scientific community realizes that science and spirituality are one.  True science will only be attained when this is acknowledged.   We too, as a collective, must embrace a new spiritual awareness to raise the spiritual vibration on the planet.  The role of Sacred Geometry will no doubt   unlock the secrets of the Universe.  How implicit is the message of order and intelligence as seen in the crop formations?  Perhaps we are being reminded by Spirit of something that we have forgotten - something very wonderful.

ball1.gif (5759 bytes) To begin with, let me give you a brief overview.  Like myself and perhaps you too, not many people are aware that crop circles have been around for at least 27 years or so. In an article written by Freddie Silva, a man who had witnessed a crop formation was quoted as follows:  "Suddenly I heard a noise and it seemed as if something had pushed down the wheat. That night, the air was completely still.  I looked around.  The moon had just appeared and was shinning brightly.  In front of my eyes I could see a great imprint take shape.  The wheat in the field was forced down in a clockwise direction." This  event took place in 1972.

ball1.gif (5759 bytes) So, crop circles have been around for the last 27 years which will come as a surprise to most people.  It will also be somewhat of a revelation to many that when this phenomenon happened on that fateful night of August 12, 1972 in Warminister, England, it was a very modest form of crop circle of pressed wheat some 30 feet in diameter.  Two and a half decades and some 9,000 formations later, crop circles have grown into complex, mathematical fractures in lengths up to 3/4 of a square mile, in area coverage as large as 3,600 square feet and in various geographic locations.  Crop circles or agriglyphs can now be found in most countries around the globe.

ball1.gif (5759 bytes) It was only in the 70's that notice of crop circles began and a further decade before serious research followed. One very crucial piece of evidence from the 1970's posed  an interesting dilemma for researchers and scientists trying to pin the blame on pranksters armed with broken pieces of  wood.  In those days, the fields did not have hallmark tractor ruts or tramlines that crossed the fields in parallel lines every sixty feet or so as they do today.  This was very important in establishing the cause of crop circles simply because a person trying to lay a perfect design upon the wheat would have to do so by levitating.   It could be argued that a balloon could have been used although no one has satisfactorily explained how a balloon could remain perfectly still and remain four feet off the ground around a wooden peg, which presumably would enable a person to lean out of the basket for some fifteen minutes or so while he moved the wheat in perfect spirals without damaging the wheat and leaving no hole in the middle.  All this - in the middle of the night. 

ball1.gif (5759 bytes) The debate raged on; and all kinds of agencies were given credit for these mysterious circles - wind vortexes, little green men, poor soil conditions, sex-mad hedgehogs and most popular of all - the plasma vortex theory. But anyway, it was in 1980 that the phenomenon caught everyone's interest.  Suddenly, there were two circles in the field lying symmetrically side by side.  And in the  following years, signs of intelligence were manifested when a 52 foot circle was flanked by two smaller circles exactly half its size - a line perfectly north - south.  This formation at Cheese Foot Head, England was also the first to attract serious media interest. Since then, dozens of single, double and triple circular formations have been documented - all manifesting perfect spiral movement, with plants unharmed or broken, in circles, etched with surgical precision from the standing crop demonstrated by the perfect upright walls of the formations. 

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ball1.gif (5759 bytes) Then in 1983, the first quintuplet design appeared - a large central circle surrounded by four smaller circles within the standing crop precisely aligned with the four cardinal points. Four of the circles were rotated clockwise - the fifth - counter clockwise. Now even the army was devoting serious helicopter time to these occurrences; for here was something that was inexplicable.

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ball1.gif (5759 bytes) Unusual anomalies seemed to accompany the formations; dogs in the vicinities would bark incessantly from 2a.m. to 4 a.m. just hours before the crop circles were spotted nearby.  Animals that ventured into new formations would vomit; orange balls of light were observed; strange noises like the rustling of electricity were recorded.  UFO reports preceded the appearance of crop formations.  More importantly, the phenomenon showed intelligent reaction to the thoughts and theories of the researchers; either to communicate or leave them in a pre-meditative direction.  When skeptics said that formations were caused by freak winds on sides of hills, the crop circles moved to the flat open areas.  When men armed with planks of wood were suggested as the culprits, circles developed in oil seed rape (canola), one of the most brittle plants possible.  If balloons were to blame, the crop circles appeared under high voltage wires.

ball1.gif (5759 bytes) Since 1988, hundreds of crop circles have been documented and researched and every year, they have grown exponentially, always developing and splitting in structure as if suggesting some sort of language more complex as the years progressed and at the place in which the research teams picked up on the subtle clues left on the feelings. Circles developed a simple ring - then double rings; then Celtic crosses where the four satellite circles were connected by a thin band, too narrow even for a small child to tread, disturbing the crop. In 1988 during a BBC interview inside a new formation, a cricket like wobble that had been heard several times throughout the years was captured on tape!  Eventually analyzed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, it was measured as 100 bpm at a frequency of 5.2 kHz and mechanical in nature.  A bird or insect was out of the question.

ball1.gif (5759 bytes) More formations began to appear in closer proximity to ancient monuments doubling to 40 around Silbury Hill (England) alone.  Circle fever began to break out among the public. Even the Queen was interested.  The formations became more and more complicated.  Then on August 12, 1989, the final blow was dealt to the favored  meteorological theory - the Swastika - at Winterbourne Stoke that developed a quantum leap in crop circle language.  crpcir12.jpg (19607 bytes) Here was a formation whose crop was bent in four quadrates, exactly lined to the magnetic compass points; at the center, the crop rotated clockwise with a thin band rotated counter clockwise.  At the boundary edge, another thin band rotated clockwise with crop lying under the central coned quadrates.  A hoax was out of the question.   The crop circles were now lifted beyond the realm of the Earth-bound.  But nothing would have prepared anyone for the surprises in store for 1990 . . .

ball1.gif (5759 bytes) The message of the crop circles have become clearer in the 90's.  The magnitude of import is vast.  A breakthrough came with the appearance of the "Menorah" crop circle formation at Barbury Castle, which was reported on May 31, 1999. 

menorah.jpg (2258 bytes)  The Menorah, the lamp stand with seven lamps, is one of the most important symbols in the Bible.  Parts of The Book of Exodus tells the story of how Moses was given a divine revelation at Sinai concerning the construction of the Tabernacle, a portable tent used for worship, a place of revelation.  the outer part of the Tabernacle was known as the Holy Place, and the inner part was called the Holy of Holies or the Most Holy Place.  The Mercy Seat on the Ark of the Testimony was the location of the candlestick, or Menorah. (The Menorah may also be suggested in the Book of Revelation, verses 1:12-16:)

ball1.gif (5759 bytes) The Menorah is not the first religious symbol to appear.  Over the years, various crop circles have portrayed pre-Christian or esoteric European symbols, such as the Celtic Cross of 1988, the Irmensul ancient German Tree of Life of 1991, the Dharmic Wheel of 1992, and the

Kabalistic Tree of Life of 1997

tree.jpg (3816 bytes) The Tree of Life crop circle had ten circles - it did not include the hidden sphere of Daat which is associated with the Virgin Birth and knowledge.  This could mean that the time has come, as predicted by Kabalists, for the Divine to interfere with humanity . . . and that new knowledge will be given.   However, the Mandelbrot Set crop circle formation seem to reveal that "Keter", the Crown, is moving into Daat which is believed to be the secret transition of Binah.  (Keter is the sphere at the top of The Tree of Life, and represents the One Creator, from which all the other spheres are emanated).  The symbolic meaning of The Tree of Life is mentioned many times in the Bible  from the beginning of the Book of Genesis to the last part of the Book of Revelation. It is also linked to the esoteric symbolism of The Tarot. One who eats from this tree according to Kabalists is given eternal life.  Many scholars think that the tradition of The Tree is much older tracing back to the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians.

ball1.gif (5759 bytes) At least three Christian symbols have appeared; two of them indirectly.  Several years ago, the Christian "Fish" appeared as crop formations.  Dowsing within Winterbourne Stoke, the "Swastika" circle of 1989, (mentioned previous on this page),   revealed the basic design of the "New Jerusalem" plan based on St. John's vision in Revelation.  The total of the square footage of the circles in the Barbury Castle formation of 1991 was 31,680 feet, a number associated with the distance around the New Jerusalem. One tenth of that number is 3,168 which was associated with Lord Jesus Christ by the early Christians and previously to a figure in the pagan religion.  A number "666" type crop formation appeared in 1993. The sixes were arranged in a triangle. 


The Bythorn Mandala

bythorn2.jpg (2523 bytes)   which appeared in 1994, is an East Indian symbol of Kali and the third Chakra. It is a ten-petal lotus with a five-pointed star inside.  This is a traditional symbol of the Third Chakra. It is quite similar to a Yantra to Kali, which has sixteen and eight petal lotus flowers.   A five-pointed star with two points up is an esoteric symbol of the Kali-Yuga time cycle.  In the crop formation, two of the points faced North, while a single point faced to the South. 

The Beltane Wheel of 1998

beltane.jpg (3837 bytes) 


Sri Yantra

A huge ground marking appeared in 1990, grooved in a lake bed in

Oregon.sriyanta.jpg (14334 bytes) It was also an East Indian symbol, called a Sri Yantra.   This was the first clear indication of a Chakra message from an apparent non-human source in recent times.  One of the meanings of the Sri Yantra is a path through the Chakras, starting from one of the four outer "T" shaped "gates", and traveling inward to the center, where there is a single dot, called the "bindu", which represents Union with the One Source.  There are a total of nine steps, with the eighth represented by a single triangle.  The eighth and ninth steps, perhaps, as with the eighth sphere above the beam in the Egyptian depiction, represented levels beyond the earth plane or human body.


Eastfield SNOWFLAKE of July 19, 1998

snoflake.jpg (3041 bytes) This is a classic example of higher intelligence interfacing with 12 tons of wheat!  Observe the rippling star effect of  energy in the crop's thrush, weave, and ley.  Many of the photos of this and other circles are so breathtaking, it is understandable why the Media does not wish to air them.  Neither will they show side by side the broken wheat stalks of the fake formations compared to the unbroken stalks inside the genuine article. 


various crop circles:


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crpcir16.jpg (3117 bytes)

cresmoon.jpg (2796 bytes)


cropcir9.jpg (4984 bytes) Although these crop circles selections are just a few of the many pictures taken throughout the years, they represent  a decent percentage of the fascinating varieties of crop circles. Most of the crop circles are located near Avebury, England or in the Somerset area.  At this location, you can also find the legend of King Arthur and the Legend of the Holy Grail.  You will also find the First Church of Jesus Christ built by Joseph of Arimenthea who was given the Chalice of Christ.  It was there he and Mary fulfilled a special mission in Glastonbury.

Why England?

ball1.gif (5759 bytes)  Although many crop circles have appeared around the world, 95% of those reported  have been focused in a very tight area in Wiltshire, southern England.  Beyond the ridiculous implications that they are all perpetuated by humans over the last 25 years, Rodney Michael Carr-Smith (whose website I have obtained a great deal of information from) states that he has observed that, over time, the formations have been closing in on the Avebury/Silbury complex (England). (See map below) He wondered whether there was something inherent in the earth that was participating in this focus of attention.  The Michael/Mary ley line or Serpent Line stretches across southern England at a rough 27 from Land's End to Great Yarmouth.  It is naturally aligned with the rising sun at Beltane in May and Lugnassad in August when the solar rays illuminate the whole Serpent from end to end. In the 60's, John Michell rediscovered this ancient line but it was not until ten years ago that it was thoroughly dowsed and mapped by Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst who determined that it was actually made up of a male and female line that twisted across the landscape like electrical wires.   The Michael & Mary Serpents crossed twenty times at Node points where the ancients erected several temples.  Three such Nodes exist at Avebury/Silbury, however, geomancers also laid out on each line a litter of carefully constructed stone circles,  megaliths, burial mounds, dolmens, menhirs, mumps, tors, and alters.   These ancients were concerned with the big picture so that they could harmonize heaven and earth for the benefit of the community. They observed the relative movement of stars, fathomed the earth's wobble, and determined the precessional cycles of time.   They understood the effects of eclipses upon the land and knew when the Serpent energies in the earth would wax and wane.  It is unusual that an ordinary Ley could be so densely augmented as it is along the Michael/Mary Serpent, which leads one to feel that this is an extraordinary earth path way, stamped out in order to carry some sort of wisdom down through the ages.  It is to this "ailing" Serpent that   the crop makers are returning in their wisdom.  No where on the planet is such a powerful earth Serpent so "nailed" down as this one in southern England. If you trace it on the map and site along it from Land's End, you will notice that it actually bends slightly.  This dual energy line flows in from the Atlantic and leaves Norfolk, crossing out into the North Sea. But where does it come from?  Where does it go?  What is its purpose and why would the crop circle makers be interested in putting their formations so close to it at the Avebury/Silbury temple complex? 

ball1.gif (5759 bytes) Perhaps then, it is part of a much larger Serpent - a Global Serpent that once passed through such submerged domains as Atlantis and Lyonesse out in the Atlantic.  According to several wisdom keepers, Robert Coon in particular, states the Michael/Mary line is one of two Global Serpents or Driver that regulate thought and feeling consciousness throughout our planet. These two huge telluric meridians twine in a sinusoidal double helix around the earth's surface mirroring the dual Serpent's that ascend our spinal column. They receive the incoming energies of the Sun, Moon, planets, and entire cosmos and dispense this in a regulated fashion out through the interconnecting Grid, thereby affecting our personal awareness.  This helix is made up of one male and one female Dragon and they cross twice - at the center of the Sun on the island in Lake Titicaca and again on Bali between four sacred mountains.  The Michael/Mary Line is part therefore of the  feminine Dragon and many have felt that the Avebury/Silbury complex is the place where the whole system plugs into the cosmos. 




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ball1.gif (5759 bytes) If I have sparked your interest, I strongly urge you to do your own research on crop circles.  Certainly, there is much more information for you to view on other websites.  One door opens to another and soon you will realize the thoughts and observations of people  like you and I who are committed to reporting the story of the crop circles.  Bless them.  My thanks to all of the wonderful people from whom I have borrowed information from.  There is so much information -  too much to evaluate or do justice to on this page of my website.  I feel blessed that I have the opportunity to become aware of crop circles and their profound spiritual messages for humanity.   I hope I have been instrumental in reaching you.