The wonderful promise of a world that lives in love and harmony - a world absent of greed, war, hate, and suffering


Many of us are familiar with the various influences brought by each of the passing zodiac signs -

but little is known about the governing climate of influence beamed by the various pole stars throughout history.  The pole star is also know as the North Star because it is the one directly above Earth's North Pole. 

As the Earth traverses the heavens during the great cycle of 25,826 years, it passes through the cosmic year's equivalent of the four seasons, each of which produces spiritual changes in the state of evolving humanity. 

(An astrological age is comprised of 2,152 years.   An age is the duration of each zodiac sign and represents a month of the cosmic year.  The cosmic year is comprised of the twelve zodiacal ages - a total of 25,826 years).

As the tilt of Earth's axis allows its North magnetic pole to align with a particular pole star constellation of the heavens, cosmic energies are drawn from that region into the Earth and into human consciousness.  These energies affect the bioelectrical field of our physical bodies through the acupuncture meridians - and the Earth by means of its planetary grid.  This grid is an invisible network of energy paths within the Earth that act as the meridians of the planet.  Wherever these lines intersect geographically, they form power centers.

Scientific studies reveal that the bioelectrical field of the body profoundly influences the entire nervous system and that the field itself responds to changes in the Earth's magnetic field. 

Prophetic sources have designated 1931 as the beginning of the Age of Light.  The astrological Age of Pisces (which we have just left behind) represents the dark before the dawn, and we are at the turning point of the evolutionary circle as we entered into the Age Aquarius and into the light.

It should be understood that the global purification we are now embarked upon is the externalization of our collective shadow.  The return of the light disturbs the darkness and exposes that which we have hidden or denied.

The symbolic and mythical characters depicted by the constellations around the wheel of the zodiac are codes, metaphors for the evolutionary states of progression since the beginning our present cycle of civilization.  When the Earth passes closest to the Milky Way, through the ages Sagittarius and Scorpio during the cosmic summer, civilization periodically attains its highest peak:  the era of the recurrent GOLDEN AGE.

Tradition tells us that the GOLDEN AGE was populated by people who had realized the Self - just as it will be next time around.  When the last Golden Age faded, Earth began to align with a new pole star - Cygnus, the Swan.  A declining cycle of human affairs had begun.  As the cosmic season of the fall drew closer, Vega (the Arabic word for "fall") became the next pole star.  During this time, myth speaks of the decline of Lemuria and the sinking of Atlantis (around 12,000 years ago).  Vega is also associated with the decline of the female principle in the world.  Vega ruled over the Age of Virgo (the virgin).  When the stars of that constellation are joined up by lines to identify its outline, a female figure is seen falling backwards.

Historically, it was Hercules who was destined to  become the next pole star.

Polaris, our present polar star, represents the point of polarity between cosmic winter/summer, night/day - Pisces/Aquarius.  It governs the re-polarization of Earth's consciousness, and also the hemispherical poles; the balance of our planet's geographic poles.  As Aquarius pours forth the waters of life from the fullness of his vessel, the earth will be purified by his gift.  But when the waters settle and become calm, we shall see reflected in their stillness a new reality - an expanded state of harmony and wisdom awaits as the New Order of the Ages stabilizes.

Under the influence of Polaris, there is a polarization to be resolved as the light challenges the darkness.  There is work to be done, mysteries to be revealed, and challenges to be met.  It is known that great civilizations fell after the high point of achievement during the last equinoctial cycle's Age of Light.  There were many feats of engineering excellence and marvels of a magnitude far surpassing the modern abilities of our own.  

In another 6,000 years we shall have reached the zenith of this particular spiral of existence. 

Or . . . will we?

I am sure that whoever reads this article will experience a great deal of disappointment considering the time factor - 6,000 years - for the next GOLDEN AGE to reappear when it seems so urgent that major positive changes for humanity begin NOW!   There is too much pain,  suffering, and chaos happening worldwide.  Is more chaos, destruction and suffering the only method of purification?  I would hope not.  I would like to believe that we can break the redundancy of these repetitive cycles of the ages and redeem human weakness and failure by resolution and commitment to the higher purpose of life.  

To the extent that people can begin living their best basic values (irrespective of what others may be doing) and break out of the old non-serving habit patterns and realign themselves with natural law and human values to the best of their ability, the future can and will be improved.

Could things be speeded up by a major pole shift?  Perhaps.  That might be the only acceptable reason for humanity to experience so much destruction and suffering.  There are many, many theories at present.  

meanwhile . . . 

Saint Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle.  Be our protection against the malice and evil we desperately strive to free ourselves from.  By the Divine power of the Creator, may you and  your Legion of Angels be victorious in the final battle waged to destroy all evil forever.












A concept that Christian orthodoxy is having difficulty with today is the idea of the universal feminine principle as an aspect of the Trinity, the Holy Ghost.  The Divine Woman is also the Skekinah, the Divine Mother, whose mission is to channel through her creative expression and generative power the Christ-Consciousness  on the planet.  One is "Christed" when awareness has stabilized at the spiritual center in the forehead, the sixth chakra (Jesus held the title of "Christ" because he was a living example of one manifesting completely at that level of enlightened awareness.)  In Hebrew, "Messiah" means the anointed one.  The Greek equivalent is "Kristos" or Christ.  Christ consciousness is a universal force to be experienced in due time by each person as we accomplish mastery and realize the Self.

The purpose of the Earth's repositioning is to align its axis more closely with that of the Sun, and its life with that of the appropriate vibrational frequency for its expanding consciousness.

In the mythology, Cygnus, pole star of the post-Golden Age era, was the son of Sthenelos, who was the son of Perseus and Andromeda.  Therefore, Cygnus was the grandson of Perseus and Andromeda.  The prophecy cycle told by the pole stars repeats predictably  throughout the endless turning of the Great Year of the precession.

By the time we find ourselves beneath the final pole star of this cycle of human history, the New Order of the Ages will also have become anchored and fully manifest upon our planet.  That final pole star will be the center of our home galaxy, the Milky Way.   It will preside directly over the Age of Sagittarius (sign of the higher mind), and we will bask once again in the glow of another GOLDEN AGE illuminated spiritually and physically by a new quality of light.


In Jungian terms, the archetype of the Self organizes back into wholeness the separated parts of the Self.  Through the evolutionary process, spirit and consciousness flow out into the material world diversifying into multiple separateness.  At the appropriate time for the "return" of consciousness from matter back to spirit, the archetype of the Self arises powerfully in the collective consciousness and the disparate aspects of  the Self begin to move into the harmonic relationship of a coherent whole.  Significant of the matured eruption of this was the Harmonic Convergence celebrated globally in 1987 as prophesized by the Mayan Calendar.