Hinduism describes the mind of the Creator as the ultimate reality, and the physical universe as only relatively real - a dream within the Creator's mind.  The Law of Mentalism describes the creative force of thought which all things, events, and words first take seed.  The popular notion that you create your own reality is generally interpreted as if it were simply a matter of putting one's mind to it, or as if we had complete conscious mastery over the process.  "You are responsible for, or affect your own reality" is more accurate, because at the average level of consciousness, things tend to happen more by default than by design and more from reaction than action.  

Yet, we have all experienced mind over matter to some extent and its opposite - psychosomatic illness.  Biofeedback, which electronically monitors the body's responses in relation to altered states of consciousness, has shown that as thoughts decrease, the mind becomes calmer, and remarkable success has been experienced in "dissolving" symptoms and stress.  It is even scientifically verified that creatively visualizing desired results can enhance success in business, athletics, learning ability, recovery from surgery, and healing in general.

Our thoughts give rise to our words.  The words we speak are connected to what we then do.  And the things we do become the actions that define who we are and then shape our world.  Whatever the future holds lies not within the domain of science or technology but within the expanding dimensions of the mind - universal mind, Gaian mind, and our minds.  Its all mind and we are it!

THE LAW OF VIBRATION - Nothing rests; the universe and everything that exists is in motion.
After the Creator conceived the idea of the universe, he willed and spoke it into existence:  "In the beginning was the Word . . . (John 1:1).  Sound is vibration and vibration is sound.  Words are the prime organizing vibration/sound of consciously directed thought.  If you do not want something to become a reality - don't verbalize it.  By doing so, you set in motion the vibrations, the forces, that create circumstances.  

Many people creating and sharing the same vibrations generate a force field of energy.  This is the power of music, singing and chanting to unify hearts and minds to heal, inspire, and celebrate.  A kia (a fighting cry used in Japanese martial arts) uttered in a minor key can effect partial paralysis of one's opponent by abruptly lowering the arterial blood pressure.

Rocks, insects, plants, and people differ from each other, and everything else, because of their unique vibrational frequency and energy pattern.  Subtle matter once believed to be composed of finite particles, is now identified as a wave-form process, which is recognized by science as resonance.  Each molecule of the body is held in place, keeping its relationship to all the others, because of its programmed resonant frequency.  In this sense, like attracts like, and objects of disparate vibration gravitate to their own frequency as they are held in orbit around their common principle, the resonance factor.  On a human level, it is love that is the creative force and cohesive element.  We are living in a time period when the vibration of human consciousness is increasing.  Our innate knowingness and intelligence of the heart are coming to the fore.

THE END DAYS - The Bible speaks of "signs and wonders in the heavens" in the last days. 
Whatever form they take, they will be related to many other phenomena taking place within and around the Earth and affecting its stability.  You will be relieved to know that this change does not represent the "end of the world," but instead the end of the present world system and the beginning of the New Age.  Before the change to a new harmonious state can happen, some very drastic events are in store:  international chaos, distress of nations, famine, natural and humanly generated catastrophes, geophysical and celestial anomalies have been predicted. 

They represent the karma (negative karma represents unlearned lessons) that is due and payable before a new phase on Earth can become operable.  Chances of survival are related to the state of one's inner being and its relative purity.  Everyone needs to purify - physically, mentally, and spiritually.  The planet has been badly abused because we are out of harmony with the universe.  We have created a dysfunctional planet.  Production and technology have desecrated and polluted the Earth in the process of sustaining our culture.  Like a sick body, the Earth will rebel in its attempt to regain equilibrium.  The Hopi refer to this phenomenon as the time of the Great Purification.

THE CENTRAL SUN - Our sun receives its radiant energy from a larger, more powerful sun in deep space.

We know from Kirlian photography that there is a body of energy surrounding living forms and that all natural forms have a refined energy form or spiritual counterpart.  The Western Mystery tradition and some channeling say that our planet and the others of this solar system have a spiritual body and that our sun receives its radiant energy from a larger, more powerful sun in deep space.  It radiates beyond the ultraviolet end of the spectrum and because its light is scientifically undetectable at this time and its emanations so refined, we refer to it as the Central Sun or Spiritual Sun.  This Central Sun is energized by yet another inter-dimensional sun, which emits an unimaginable radiance from another level, and so on through a series of supra physical suns.

The elliptical revolution of our solar system around the undetected Central Sun produces spiritual seasons on Earth and within ourselves, just as revolution around our solar system's sun causes the familiar seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter.  We are now entering the invisible aura of the Central Sun, the influence of which is responsible for the new consciousness that everyone is experiencing to some degree.  As the light becomes stronger, it affects our spiritual bodies, displacing the accumulated clouds of negative karma and thus purifying our planet and our beings.  Hard times, sickness, and adversity in many forms on mental, physical, and emotional levels, are the physical way these clouds are dissipated.  Although we cannot avoid or prevent this process, it can be lessened both individually and collectively through grace and the right kind of aspirations.  The promise and aspirations of the New Age are scheduled to stabilize the planet within our own lifetime.  It is the change of consciousness and spiritual attitude that is the real challenge.