The purpose of this page is to open your mind to new ideas, inviting you to explore the mysteries of the universe that are ready to unfold as Earth enters into the fourth dimension - a time beyond conventional time. 

Science by itself does not possess all the answers; we now need to interrelate to the greater program of spiritual and scientific unity which involves the other planetary intelligences that share a common program of mutual scientific growth.  

Not everyone evolves at the same pace.  Life's mysteries and complexities are revealed when an individual is ready to accept the truth.  And what is this truth?   Perhaps it is the answer to  each heart's inquiry: " Why am I here and what is my purpose?"  The answer will vary depending on an individual's concept of God and reality.


In going beyond conventional time, (which many people on the planet have done or are presently in the process of doing), we stand in awe of the larger picture - the larger universe.  Here the intellect must bow to the spiritual dimension that continually regenerates creation.  In essence, all life and creation generates from the Living Light under the organization of the 'Higher Evolution' where love will continue to reign supreme as the underlying expression of the 'Living Light'.