Past-life age regression is also called hypno-regression, time travel, or soul exploration. The goal is to learn more about the inner mind and the continuity of life. Regression is a scientific and humanistic approach to previously uncharted areas of the mind.

The belief in past lives is centuries old, but the methods of exploring and testing this belief are modern. Many researchers use a mind awake/body asleep process called hypnosis. Hypnosis helps access memory imprints from long-term memory banks deep within our inner mind which is likened to an immense library where all knowledge is stored and available for use. It is as vast as eternity yet profound in its simplicity.

The depth level of hypnosis will vary with each individual, as does the pace and timing. Each person responds with his/her own temperament, style, and experience.

What is an Engram?

An engram is a constellation of neurons that emit information into the brain's central processing unit at any given moment. That moment becomes an engram. It (engram) often lies in wait for minutes, days, weeks, months or years before it is re-activated by an associative trigger which is often part of the original memory. Engrams occur on a wide continuum of positive and negative emotional value for an individual. Engrams that include panic, stress, fear, grief, anger or depression can be neurologically redesigned by altering the emotional aspect of the engram. This can be effectively accomplished using hypnoanalysis, which is used as a synonym for regression therapy.

This type of regression may be used by a trained hypnotherapist to address emotional problems. In these cases, the hypnotherapist will consult with the individual's medical doctor and inquire if the individual is on any type of medication and/or ask if it is advisable to put the person through the process.

However, for those curious people who wish to explore their inner minds in a lighter vein, past life regression will guide them back to recall pleasant memories from either the current life or past lives and perhaps offer explanations for questions concerning lessons, people, talents, etc. that are presently being experienced. Past life regression is a valuable tool for enhancing the quality of your present life.  (For the more timid individual . . .  you may wish to consider purchasing the 'self-help' Regression Tape offered in the tape collection and try to regress yourself).

Reliving what seems to be past-life experiences can bring greater insight into yourself, clearer understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, and aid in clarifying your goals. Frequently, answers to personal problems and problem relationships surface.

Please note:  It is a necessary requirement that you are familiar with the subject of hypnosis and have been hypnothized previously by a credited hypnotherapist before requesting a  'regression' session.  

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