Through the centuries, Numerology has been regarded as a mystery occult practice. However, the true purpose of Numerology is to give insight and understanding to an individual's life.

The study of Numerology has a practical application that will help you to understand yourself and others and most important - assist you in obtaining more meaningful purpose in life. Derived from the numerical value of your birthdate, your Life Path, Challenges, Talents, Latent Self, and Soul Urge are determined. Your Path will inform you what you have come to earth to accomplish. This path cannot be changed and your entire life will encompass opportunities and challenges to assist you in this undertaking. Your name also has a certain energy vibration that will further inform you of your many personality traits and, like magical magnets, the letters of your name will attract those experiences, people, and challenges into your life that you are destined to encounter.

There is a law that exists which governs the universe to insure order and direction where very little is left to chance. This law is governed by the unalterable influences of the Law of Karma.

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