Greetings ~ 2017

 This is 

20th year on the web . . . and as most of you know, I am also the webmaster of another site -

I have continued to maintain the Astramate website as an instructive venue for all who were interested in learning about esoteric disciplines.  I believe the site has reached thousands of people throughout the years. As its creator, I must admit I haven't given the site as much attention as I have with the Astradome website in the recent past.  The reason is really simple.  There aren't too many people genuinely interested in learning about the disciplines.  Many consider astrology and numerology as entertainment or a quick 'fix' and search the web for 'freebie' information about themselves  . . . and there are plenty of mavericks on the web who have been willing to oblige them with disinformation and hype. Esoteric and psychic websites are numerous.  All encourage people to visit them for a 'free' reading.  Many of the sites are very creative, but that's where it ends.  Sadly, most esoteric facilitators aren't serious teachers.  They were never professionally schooled or studied esoteric tenets as many of us did in the past before we could 'hang our shingle'. 

There are many licensed authentic astrologers and numerologists. They  are renowned authors as well. Names such as Liz Greene, Robert Hanson, Jeff Green, Stephen Arroyo, Howard Sasportas, and Donna Cunningham are just a few of the many accomplished astrologers who practice professionally. They aren't trying to make a 'fast buck' with their own version of the disciplines.  Nor do they try to hustle possible clients with rhetoric and mystique that is misleading and inaccurate like some 'pretenders' do. It is doubtful if many newcomers to the esoteric community have even heard of these people.  

Then there are the mavericks who want to 'save' this website by correcting its 'errors' and re-creating the site with 'know-how' technology, mega tags, etc. They too, are looking to make a fast 'buck'.  It has probably never occurred to their arrogant little egos that they are the 'amateurs' in this field and are laughable to assume they have the credentials to approach a site that is seasoned and has earned a history without the help of any of their inflated notions of expertise. Obviously, they're incapable of maintaining a website or email account. (This is a dead give-away whenever I receive a 'G' mail). Wow!  Am I impressed.

ASTRAMATE  and ASTRADOME were created and uploaded on the web to offer my services to people like them  - who need help - for a price. The sites weren't designed to accommodate their desire to make money for their inflated abilities and unwanted input. My advice to them is to first create a website and practice on correcting their own errors (if they have the capability) before contacting professionals.

Addressing this insignificant email and the person who wrote it, had a positive note.  I've decided to give ASTRAMATE a  'new' look.  Paramount to this change will be the discontinuation of certain esoteric information that has been available 'free' for  many, many years. This information will be presented in a different venue.  Since I have authored many novels, I am considering putting the information in 'book' format.  I think this will separate the true seekers from those who have enjoyed a free ride for so long.