When you’re unhappy or stressed out, it will eventually trigger some powerful health problems. Stress is the culprit for most illnesses. But what causes stress? Its source is usually physical, emotional, and/or mental in origin, and often all three. If you’re like me you resist being a ‘pill-taker’ because you think the negative side effects found in most medications aren’t worth the risk. The mega money-making pharmaceutical industry offers medicinal cures for most health issues. They have assumed the role of ‘guru’, offering the public powerful chemicals that are dangerous to the body’s natural rhythm. Looking for a ’quick fix’ for your ailment with a dangerous medication is ludicrous!

We live in a very chaotic world. The everyday stress we experience plays havoc with our health, happiness, and mental stability. You may think you are concealing your stress, but it blatantly stares back at you every time you gaze into a mirror. It shows on your face, which is a dead giveaway. All the pain, grief, disappointment, and fear you may try to hide from the World is expressed on your face . . . especially in your eyes. Every frown, wrinkle, rash, pimple, and discoloration reflects a page of your inner story. You gaze at the person staring back at you in the mirror and sigh:

Mirror - mirror on the wall . . . you never lie . . . you tell it all.

And so, you focus on your physical beauty and try to measure up to the unattainable ideals you see on the pages of magazines, TV commercials, self-improvement articles, and so forth. Those of you who can, often seek to improve your appearance via the many surgical, chemical, and laser procedures offered to the public. And some of these methods are beneficial . . . but not always. Few Westerners seem to know of a very ancient technique used to accomplish facial rejuvenation and health that is both natural and nurturing; one that can achieve the same results as costly modern techniques. And - you do it yourself. The approach derives from the Chinese who have identified it as Acupressure. It is a non-surgical and painless application that will erase years from your face. More than just a cosmetic procedure, it was designed to rejuvenate and revitalize your entire body to look and feel younger.

The procedure involves applying light pressure on specific facial points with the tips of the fingers. It is often performed by a practitioner, but you may elect to do it yourself. By applying pressure on certain facial meridian points, vital energy flows to them, stimulating and improving your circulation while balancing your emotions. Your brain receives a message to relax and slow down as you let go of your anger, fear, and depression. You begin to feel invigorated and nurtured as you give your body a very important message of self-love and appreciation.

This tape will guide you on how and when to apply pressure on all fourteen meridians resulting in a younger and lovelier looking you.