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Resides on Long Island. She is a Psychic, Teacher, Astrologer, Numerologist, published Writer, and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, R.Hy. Her formal education includes a B.A. with a psychology major. A need for self-understanding, via esoteric study, has led her on a long, rewarding journey. Thankful for her many insights, she wishes to share them with others. She has always endeavored to free the esoteric sciences from the misguided reputation of forecasting the future believing that esoteric disciplines should be recognized as tools of immense power in the exploration of the human psyche and in their proven healing powers of the mind, body, and soul. The late psychologist, Carl Jung, explored the symbolism of Astrology and Tarot and acknowledged them as universal archetypes in which to understand the sub-conscious. Carol's personalized interpretations and psychic readings bring clarity and objectiveness to your questions and problems. They expose your hidden fears, anxieties, yearnings and latent potential. Using guided imagery with hypnotherapy she will show you how to access the powerful creativity of your mind and obtain your goals and self-fulfillment. Via the many channels available to her, she will inform you about your chosen Path and its challenges and rewards.

One day in meditation, I heard the voice of Spirit say:

"I Am the Light"

Inspired by this message, I endeavor to bring others into the

Light of Awareness


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