was originally founded for the purpose of introducing an individual to another individual (astra - Greek for "star") who was astrologically compatible (star mate) to his/her own energy patterns. This selective merger of energy was to establish harmonious love relationships. Astrologers believe it is possible to know and understand the Self and others based on the Sun Sign, revealing the basic temperament. The Sun Sign combined with the symbolic meanings of the remaining planets comprise the total personality. However, to attract harmonious relationships, it is essential that we first become aware of our own inner partner that is responsible for all of our projections and difficulties in relationships. It is my endeavor to inform people of this concept.

It is indeed possible that our shift in consciousness, to which astrology has coined "The Aquarian Age", has as one of its central motifs, a striving toward inner knowledge - a knowledge that would complement the emphasis on external knowledge already very familiar to us. Our current time spirit seems to be deeply concerned with self-understanding and a search for meaning and for many seekers, may not seem to be in any way connected with the changing of our consciousness and the difficulties we experience in our relationships. Yet, our moral standards have dissolved and have become meaningless, family bonding has dissipated, and current sexual behavior has taken new twists and turns. Even the controversy around sex education in our schools is an issue which centers around relating, as is the question of abortion. All of these universal principles and controversial issues reflect our inner confusion and turmoil about Self, life, purpose, God and humanity.

Under its present name, psychology is a very new science, and in many ways, it has much to learn about the brain and the psyche. Yet psychology is one of the few reliable maps we have to turn to in these times of crisis. In the deepest sense, psychology has existed for a long time under other names, the earliest of which, perhaps, was Astrology. This may be more surprising to psychologists than to anyone else, but the word psychology derives from two Greek words - psyche, which means soul, and logos, which means wisdom. The study of the human soul was the province of Astrology long before it became the province of anything else.

No doubt, the present search for more meaningful values and greater understanding of the psyche coincides with the emergence of interest in ancient esoteric studies which are significant of the same quest.