Author Carol Reimer introduces us to the Gnostic Myth 'Sophia and The Archons', discovered in Egypt (1945), with other ancient manuscripts known today as the 'Nag Hammadi Library'. Luckily, the original English translation of the Myth has been reworked by John Lash, a comparative mythologist. Its illuminating story is compelling. And since there aren't any coincidences, the incredible research of U.K. author, David Icke, informs us that entities we presently refer to as 'aliens' are really  inter-dimensional ARCHONS, named from the Greek (archai, primordial, first, antecedent in time). Their creation resulted from the Goddess Sophia's unilateral 'Dreaming' that produced a power surge from the Cosmic Center that shot forth like a torrential current, impacting the inert fields of primordial matter in an unusual way that resulted in the unwanted creation of the Archons.

It has been stated that Archons can only imitate the creative thoughts of humans whom they envy. They don’t have the ability to think or create an original idea. They are not divinely inspired by God and the Holy Spirit (Organic Light) and will always distort and pervert an original creation. They are masters of deception and the initiators of the ‘evil’ in this World. In truth, many scholars theorize that ‘aliens’ are really ‘inter-dimensional entities’ or ‘disembodied spirits‘, capable of mind control and advanced technology. They have been identified as macrobes, cyborgs, reptilians, demiurge, Jin, etc. and are closely associated with the elite, hybrids, royalty, Illuminati, and many other hybrid beings, who are positioned at the top of our pyramidal structure in society. They rule government, banks, religious organizations, secret societies, the military, legal, and medical, professions, etc.

Sophia’s story is compelling. It stirs an uneasy inner chord that whispers to the reader, "Maybe this Myth is real."

'Sophia and The Archons' is part of a trilogy . . . 'Trial of the Archons' and 'Sophia's Call' are the complimentary publications.  Their links may be found on this website.

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